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Introducing the Borderline Vegan Group

This group serves anyone who cares about their health. We will discuss current information regarding our diets, the food supply, GMOs, as well as healthy alternatives and motivation techniques to stay focused. Feel free to share with those that you love.

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Loved the book and learned a lot. If you want to know more on why you see repetitive numbers this is the book for you.. pay attention to the signs

Monique Mackey - Amazon.com

The titles Says it all! "Words Don't Teach"

I advise everyone to purchase this book. Not only do I recommend this book I also recommend the other 2 books that's available by this Author. This book is exactly what I need. The Author does a wonderful, WONDERFUL job explaining her points. Real life examples, and real life outcomes . This book also has Lots of Good affirmations. It's nothing but Good Vibrations!!!

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We don't need any more entertainers. We need more thinkers.

Where the mind goes, the body follows. Living a healthy lifestyle is essential to success. Your health isn't just about what you are eating and drinking. It's about what you are thinking and saying, as well. Enroll now to learn simple lifestyle and wellness strategies that work in REAL life!


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